Aerith Gainsborough is a character from Final Fantasy VII, a popular role-playing game (RPG) for the Playstation that came out back in 1997. She is one of the main characters and is central to the plot. She is often described as modest and feminine, but she is also playful and independent, with a strong will and strong sense of duty undearneath her calm exterior. She is the last survivor of an ancient race called the Cetra, and has a very special relationship with the Planet.

Table of Contents

  • Profile
  • Statistics
  • Aeris vs. Aerith
  • Examining the Meaning of her Name
  • Limit Breaks
  • Weapons
  • Wardrobe
  • The story of Her Parents
  • Aerith during her Life
  • Aerith and Zack
  • Aerith and Cloud
  • The White Materia
  • The Cetra Race and its History
  • What is Aerith doing in the beginning of the game?
  • The Promised Land
  • Is Aerith Really Gone?
  • Aerith in Other Games
  • Aerith and the Music Related to Her
  • The Maiden Who Travels The Planet

  • American Profile
    Young, beautiful, and somewhat mysterious, Aerith met Cloud while selling flowers on the streets of Midgar. She decided to join him soon after. Her unusual abilites enable her to use magic, but she seems more interested in the deepening love triangle between herself, Cloud and Tifa.
    (Source: FFVII Instruction Manual)

    Japanese Profile

    Aerith is a beautiful and demure young woman. Her mother died when she was young, and Aerith's relationship with her adoptive mother is often strained. Aerith sells flowers in Midgar and only unintentionally becomes involved with AVALANCHE. She is deeply spiritual, and has an interesting past. While physically weak, her great magical skill make her an asset to any team.


    Name: Aerith Gainsborough
    Age: 22
    Height: 163 cm (5'3")
    Weapon: Rods, Staves
    Job: Flower Seller
    Birthday: February 7
    Blood Type: O

    Blood Type and its Significance in Japan:
    Did you know that blood types are to Japan what your Zodiac sign is in Western cultures? In Japan, a person with type O blood is thought of as carefree, generous, independent, flexible, clumsy, flighty. (

    Aeris vs Aerith: Which One is Correct?
    In Japan, her name is written as Aerith, as it appears on the Japanese Square-Enix website, the Japanese Final Fantasy VII guide, and severel pieces of Final Fantasy VII related merchandise. Before it was released in the US, video game magazines also introduced this character as Aerith. When translated into Katakana, it was spelled as E-A-RI-SU, which, when spoken, sounds like Aeris, which is what it was became when it was published in America. When this character appeared in Kingdom Hearts when it was released in the USA, her name is written as Aerith again, leading many to believe that the "s" instead of a "th" at the end of her name was an error in translation. Although Aerith can be considered her official name, either one is correct.

    Examining her name closer...
    What does her name mean?

    Erith is a Hebrew name that means, "Flower". ( Link, Link )

    The name Aerith also sounds a lot like "Earth", which may be a way of indicating her relationship with the planet.

    The name Aeris is one form of the Latin word for "air" (aer), which may be an indication of her airy nature, and might parallel the relationship she has with Cloud. ( Link )

    There is also a greek Goddess named Eris, and she is said to be the Greek Goddess of discord and strife. ( Link )

    Her adopted last name Gainsborough is a traditional English last name. There are several places in England called Gainsborough (one of the well-known places being Gainsborough, Lincolnshire). Gainsborough is also the last name of the famous British painter Thomas Gainsborough.

    Limit Breaks
    Thanks to the wonderful Eternal Legend for letting me use these images!

    Aerith plays the role of a White Mage, being assigned Limit Breaks with holy properties that heal and assist her allies.

    Level 1

    Healing Wind: The limit break that heals all allies in the party.

    Seal Evil: Casts Stop and Silence on all enemies.

    Level 2

    Breath of the Earth: Cures all negative status ailments of allies in the party.

    Fury Brand: Fills the Limit Break Gauges of the allies in her party.

    Level 3

    Planet Protector: Protects all party members from damage for a short time.

    Pulse of Life: Fully restores the HP all party members, and revives KO'd characters to full health.

    Level 4

    Great Gospel: Planet Protector and Pulse of Life combined. Aerith prays for three angels who restore all party members to full health, cure all status ailments, and revive all KO'd party members to full health; a protective light shines on the party, making them resistant to any damage for a short time.

    Aerith's Staves

    Aerith uses staves and rods as her weapons. She is by default a fairly weak physical fighter (unless you level her up a bit), but is naturally very good with magic. Her limit breaks render her not only a "healer" but also a "protector". For images of her weapons, visit EternalLegend's page with Aerith's Staves.

    Guard Stick
    Attack: 12, Attack%: 99, normal Materia growth

    Mithril Rod
    Attack: 16, Attack%: 100, normal Materia growth

    Full Metal Staff
    Attack: 22, Attack%: 100, normal Materia growth

    Wizard Staff
    Attack: 28, Attack%: 100, double Materia growth

    Striking Staff
    Attack: 32, Attack%: 100, normal Materia growth

    Wizer Staff
    Attack: 33, Attack%: 100, double Materia growth

    Fairy Tale
    Attack:37, Attack%: 103, normal Materia growth

    Prism Staff
    Attack: 40, Attack%: 105, normal Materia growth

    Aurora Rod
    Attack: 51, Attack%: 110, normal Materia growth

    Princess Guard
    Attack: 52, Atack%: 111, normal Materia growth
    Her Ultimate weapon can be found in the Clock Room of the Temple of the Ancients, at entrance number four on the clock face. It raises power when you need to protect others nearby.

    Parasol/Umbrella (joke weapon)
    Attack: 58, Attack%: 118

    Fashion Time: Aerith's Wardrobe!
    I had pictures here but they expired... new pictures to come soon... hehe.
    Main Outfit (Final Fantasy VII Original)

    Main Outfit (FFVII: Advent Children Variation)

    Main Outfit (FFVII: PS3 Demo Variation)

    Wall Market Dress(Final Fantasy VII Original)

    Toddler Outfit (Final Fantasy VII Original)

    Childhood Outfit (Final Fantasy VII Original)

    Flower-selling dress (Final Fantasy Tactics)

    Long Pink Dress (Kingdom Hearts)

    Pink, White & Green Dress (Before Crisis)

    White & Blue Dress (Crisis Core)

    The Story of Aerith's Parents

    Ifalna, a kind and free-spirited woman, was the last pure Cetra, the Ancient Race of people who would cultivate and communicate with the Planet.

    Professor Gast, Aerith's father, was a very smart but kind Shinra scientist who was elected to interview Ifalna, the last living Cetra, in an attempt to learn more about the legendary Promised Land. He was very interested in learning about the Ancient Race, and their special relationship to the Planet. In the course of his endeavors, the two of them fell in love, and Gast lost contact with Shinra. The couple had a child together, named Aerith.

    Early in Aerith's life, Shinra located Gast and invaded their household; they executed Gast as he attempted to fend them off, telling Ifalna to take Aerith and escape. They didn't make it far-- Ifalna and her daughter were captured and kept in a ShinRa lab for seven years. Because of her Cetra heritage, Ifalna was forced to endure many experients, and was the subject of much testing.

    One day, Ifalana and Aerith managed to escape. Shinra pursues them-- even though Ifalna was a strong woman at heart, she had grown weak with all of the testing, and eventually could not go on anymore and collapses on the train station platform. Elmyra, a woman waiting for her husband nearby, rushed to help the dying woman, but was too late. With her last breath, Ifalna requested that Elmyra take her daughter somewhere safe.

    One of the first things that Aerith told Elmyra was that someone dear to her had died; meanwhile, Elmyra could not get in touch with her husband. Elmyra eventually came to find that her husband had died while he was away in the war. Aerith's prediction, as well as how Aerith was nor particularly bothered by death, was the first exposure to Aerith's mysterious background. Since she had lost her husband, and Aerith had lost her parents, they were a good match. She loved Aerith as her own daughter for fifteen years.

    * NEW * :Read the text of the secret scenes here...

    Aerith During her Life

    Aerith and Elmyra lived together in a nice house in Midgar, Sector Five.

    Aerith liked to stay in an abandoned church, which was also in Sector Five. She grew flowers there, saying it was the only place in Midgar where flowers could bloom easily. Aerith also said that it was a place where she could communicate with her mother.

    Elmyra first learned about Aerith's heritage when Tseng, a memeber of ShinRa, came to their door, requesting that Aerith return with him to their laboratory. He explained that she was a member of the Ancient Race, and asked her if she could hear voices when she was alone. Aerith denied it, although later, you find that she was able to talk with her mother, and the planet, when she was alone in the Church.

    It is implied that the ShinRa company constantly pursued Aerith throughout her life in hopes to catch her and study her-- and even breed her, to prevent the extinction of her race. Aerith had always managed to evade them, although it is implied that ShinRa did not pursue her very assertively.

    Aerith dated a young man named Zack when she seventeen years old. He had long, black hair, was physically strong, and was a member of SOLDIER. Aerith lost contact with him after he left for SOLDIER, and later in the story, when Aerith visits his hometown, it becomes known that Zack had passed away.

    Aerith and Zack

    Aerith and Zack in Final Fantasy VII
    Zack was Aerith's first boyfriend. Aerith says to Cloud that they were not serious, and even lost touch after went away. She says that he "loved women, and was a real Lady's man", and that he probably found somebody new. She doesn't talk about it a lot, and doesn't even tell him his name.

    Zack seemed like a strong and loyal person, as evidenced by the way he took care of and stuck by an impaired Cloud after they escaped from the Nibelheim basement.

    Even though Aerith had said that they weren't close, is there a chance that they were? Aerith had the capacity to feel when someone had died, as evidenced by the instance with Elmyra's husband. Perhaps she had the feeling that Zack was gone, but was ignoring those feelings because she didn't want to think of him dead. It is true that she was devastated when his parents told her that he had been missing for ten years; this showed that she did still care about him to some extent. She also blatently says to Cloud, "He was my first love." Perhaps the realization that he was gone, and the realization that she could no longer deny her senses, was an important point in her life?

    This is the extent of their relationship that Final Fantasy VII reveals to us.

    Aerith & Zack in Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

    Aerith first meets Zack after he falls through the roof of her church. After laying eyes on Aerith, Zack thinks she is an angel. She laughs. With her cheerful and caring disposition, and his cheerful and magnetic character, they form an instant friendship. Within a few hours, they even go on a date. Zack gives her a pink hair ribbon as a "thank you" for saving his life.

    It is on the date that Aerith reveals her fear of SOLDIER - stating that SOLDIERS are not normal. She says that being normal is the best (hinting that she is not normal). Zack reveals that he is in SOLDIER, and Aerith apologizes. To break the awkward silence, she tells Zack that his eyes are pretty. "My eyes are like the sky," says Zack.

    Aerith says she has never seen the sky. Having heard that it is like a vast sea of stars, she is afraid of being sucked away. Zack, who sees the sky regularly, tells her not to worry. Later, as she is peering into his blue eyes, she says, "If that's the sky I'm looking at, then I'm not afraid."

    Zack encourages her to sell her flowers (you can even construct a flower wagon for Aerith). They dream about filling all of Midgar with flowers.

    Zack leaves Midgar on a mission. Aerith regularly sends him letters for four years with no response, oblivious to the fact that that Zack was being held in a Mako Chamber beneath the Shinra Mansion. She writes 89 letters in total, and Zack, after waking and crashing free from the Mako chamber, discovers only the last - and is motivated to return to Midgar to find her.

    Aerith's Last Letter: Are you doing well? Where are you? It's been 4 years. This will be the 89th letter I've written but I will not send out any more. I hope that you receive this last letter. Zack! The flowers are selling very well. It makes everyone smile. It's all thanks to you. Aerith. ( link )

    At the end, Aerith is in her church, tending the flowers - and definitely senses that something is wrong. Meanwhile, Zack is found by the Shinra Army, and is shot at point-blank.

    ... Back in the church, Aerith looks up, worried, and begins to pray.

    Interesting Point: If you go into the Nibelheim Mansion basement later in the game, Cloud will experience a flashback of him and Zack escaping from the mansion. In the flashback, Cloud seems to be almost catatonic and quite impaired, and Zack carries Cloud along with him to go to Midgar. They hitch a ride with a pick-up truck, and while they are riding in the back, Zack says: "I got a place I can crash for a while. No wait, the mother lives there too... Guess that's out..." Could he have been talking about Aerith and Elmyra?

    Is Zack the Man in the Pipe? -- Sadly, probably not. A lot of people seem to think that the sick man in the pipe is actually Zack, because of his tattoo. First of all, Zack never got a tattoo; secondly, if you activate the flashback in the Nibelheim basement, you will find that Zack was shot multiple times by Shinra Soldiers when him and Cloud were trying to get to Midgar. Some people still say that the man in the pipe sort of looks like Zack, but if that were the case, I would have expected either Aerith or Cloud to recognize the poor fellow! I recently compared the two sprites (image coming soon) and they look very different from one another. Zack is most likely not the man in the pipe.

    Aerith and Cloud

    Aerith first meets Cloud on the streets of Midgar, and she offers to sell him a flower. It seems that neither of them are aware of how ther destinies are about to become intertwined. They do not talk for long.

    They meet a second time when he falls in through the roof of her church. She hires him as a bodyguard, and he escorts her home.

    Aerith, with her warm and carefree nature, does seem to bring out a softer side of Cloud.

    It can be said that Aerith has a crush on Cloud. However, the other female character in the game, Tifa Lockheart, also has a crush on Cloud. The game does not clearly express what Cloud feels for each of these woman-- which is one characteristic of the story that makes this game memorable. Tragedy and uncertainy are two themes in the story, and players who examine their relationships more deeply will have their own idea about what Cloud felt towards each of these ladies. Did Cloud love his deeply loyal childhood friend, or did he love the beautiful and spirited young woman that brought new meaning to his life? Perhaps the line is not clear... Could he have felt strongly for each, but in different ways?

    The White Materia

    In Aerith's possession is the White Materia that was given to her by her Mother, Ifalna.

    In the story, she asks Cloud if he knows about Materia-- she says that hers is special, because it is good for absolutely nothing. At that point, she doesn't seem to know what it is used for.

    Later in the story, you find that it truly is one-of-a-kind; it is used to summon the power of HOLY. It is the antithesis of the Black Materia, which is what Sephiroth uses to summon Meteor.

    Holy is summoned when a soul seeking it reaches the planet (according to the Japanese script, however, it is summoned when a prayer reaches the planet, not necessarily a soul). If the planet hears the wish, it will release Holy, the magic that helps to 'cleanse the Planet'.

    The Cetra Race and its History

    Over 2000 years before the start of the game, a nomadic race called the Cetra were on a quest from planet to planet searching for the Promised Land. They are peaceful, and have a special and intimate connection with nature. Sephiroth says that they are a migratory race, who are always travelling to different places, and settling the planet. (Is it implied that the Cetra are technologically advanced enough to travel in space? Or is there some other method, like the way the Little Prince travels from Planet to Planet, in Saint-Exupery's The Little Prince? Or do they just travel the same planet, and settle different parts of it?)

    Around two thousand years ago, the "Calamity from the Skies" -- a creature named Jenova-- crashes into the planet. It lands at the north of the Planet in a place that was called the Knowlespole, where it created a large wound in the planet's surface. Jenova appeared disguised as a Cetra, but deceived them and infected the Cetra with a virus that mutated and eventually destroyed them. This peaceful race was on the verge of extinction.

    The planet's energy -- the Lifestream-- gathered at the wound in the North. Five Weapons were created by the planet to kill Jenova, but before they are used, a few Cetra are able to defeat Jenova and seal her away in a rock. The few remaining Cetra and continue to live peacefully in their own places on the Planet.

    The Cetra race dies out, and Ifalna becomes the last surviving Cetra. After Ifalna dies, Aerith is the only descendant from this race.

    What is Aerith doing in the beginning of the game?
    Tifa: Just what does the Planet say?
    Aerith: It's full of people and noisy. That's why I can't make out what they're saying.

    I thought I would stop hearing her voice as I grew up, but....

    I recently ripped the movies from my FF7 disk to make a music video, and was going over some different FMV clips in the game. Of course, the music doesn't come attached to the movies, so you just get to hear the sound effects and background sounds really nicely.

    Anyway, I watched the opening movie clip, when those stars are floating around. If you turn the volume up REALLY LOUD, you can hear voices. Timeless voices, like a hundred thousand of them lingering on a very haunting note, or moaning in pain... I could even hear someone singing. And of course you hear the frightening sound of what seems to be a vacuum of endless space.

    The way that Aerith's face peacefully appears, and the way things get quiet the moment she lifts her head, made me believe that what we just saw is the nature of the communication between herself and the Planet/the Ancients. So maybe she was stopped there to listen to those haunting voices of what may be voices of spirits long past, because there is a bloom of Lifestream/Mako sparks there, fountaining out of a broken pipe in the wall.

    And while watching it, I realized that it also looks like she might be praying in that spot for a few moments before she walks out of the alleyway, like she's just finishing up some Cetra-related cosmically spiritual experience... but she could just as easily be warming her hands in that MAKO stuff shooting out because Midgar gets cold! And all those stars and voices she experienced could just be her breathing in a little too much of that Mako.

    Aerith did mention that the voices of the planet were hard to hear in Midgar, after all. Could she possibly be communicating with the planet in the opening scene?

    The Promised Land
    "...I don't know. All I know is...
    The Cetra were born from the Planet, speak with the Planet, and unlock the Planet.
    And......then... The Cetra will return to the Promised Land. A land that promises supreme happiness."

    A rather trivial question: Is there any significance in the word return when Aerith says that they will return to the Promised Land?

    The Promised Land is one thing in Final Fantasy VII that is open to interpretation. What is the Promised Land? Is it a physical place? Or is it somewhere on a spiritual realm? ShinRa believe that the Promised Land must be a place abundant with Mako energy that is waiting to be unlocked, and hope that Aerith will lead them to that place; Sephiroth believes that it is the place the Ancients return to after their long and difficult journey. The Elder in Cosmo Canyon said that it is the resting place of the Ancients.

    Aerith said that Shinra was wrong about the Promised Land. She describes as being a place whose location cannot be known, but rather felt.

    Aerith: "...You don't 'know' where the Promised Land of the Ancients is."
    Aerith: "You search and travel, until you feel it. Like you just know, '...this is the Promised Land.'"

    Aerith also says the following, which implies that it may be different from person to person, or something spiritual...

    Aerith: "Someday I'll get out of Midgar... Speak with the Planet and find my Promised Land."

    Is Aerith really gone? Can Cloud meet her again?
    Aerith: "I, I only heard it at the Church in the Slums. Mother said that Midgar was no longer safe. That is.... my real mother."
    - About the voices of the Planet

    Aerith: "It's full of the knowledge of the Ancients." .... "No... not knowledge... consciousness... a living soul..."
    - About the small pool in the Temple of the Ancients

    On multiple occassions, Aerith admits that she is able to converse with her mother... who died a long time ago! As sad as that is, the fact that Aerith is still able to communicate with her is quite redeeming! If Aerith's mother is still alive, could Aerith indeed be 'alive' as well somewhere?

    The organismic nature of the Planet, the unique properties of the Lifestream, and the supernatural powers of the Cetra are things whose conditions makes many things possible. The Lifestream is very pure and powerful life energy that reincarnates through organisms for the length of the planet's life; things that die return their energy to the planet where it is released elsewhere in new life, as Bugenhagen explained. Sephiroth was able to absorb the knowledge of the Ancients while being immersed in the planet's energy, which implies that the Lifestream has some truly fantastic qualities. For a being to be immersed in the Lifestream and then to return with the memory of that experience really opens up a lot of doors for what is possible with Aerith, doesn't it?

    As a Cetra, Aerith is able to communicate with the planet, and spirits of the past that have returned to the planet. Aerith can convserse with people who have passed away long ago, and she is also able to communicate with Cloud through comparably ethereal means. You can say that anything is possible in a story with magic and things that are not known in this reality. Even Tifa is able to listen to the voices of the spirits of the planet, when she is submerged in the Lifestream... Perhaps Aerith can find a way to communicate with Cloud through similar means.

    In Final Fantasy VII, Cloud is able to sense her presence several times. He senses that her spirit being "stuck", not being able to return to the planet. He also says that he feels her with them all along. Marlene is also able to sense her presence; if you remember towards the end of the game, when the Lifestream comes out of the planet to combat Meteor, Marlene says to herself, "The flower girl?" There is of course the scene at the end, where Aerith reaches out to him, and they almost touch...


    And we all know that after a cool dip into his unconscious, Cloud says one of the most poignant lines in the game:

    ......I think I'm beginning to understand.
    An answer from the Planet...
    the Promised Land...
    I think I can meet her... there.

    Aerith in Other Games

    Aerith has really made her presence known in quite a wide variety of games. Well, it makes sense since she's such a beloved character. ^_^ Anyway, here is a list of some other games she's been in.

    Final Fantasy Tactics
    Aerith and Cloud both make an appearance in Final Fantasy Tactics. Aerith is a Flower Girl who Cloud stumbles across while walking down a village street, after being summoned into that world by Ramza. He is somewhat struck by her appearance when he sees her, although this incarnation of her doesn't seem to recognize him. She is actually named as Aerith in this game by the Knave who tries to kidnap her, just before Cloud busts in to the rescue!

    Kingdom Hearts
    The appearance of Aerith and Cloud in Kingdom Hearts is definitely more noteworthy. Aerith (voiced by Mandy Moore) works on a team with Yuffie and Leon (Squall) to help stop the Heartless; and meanwhile, when Sora bumps into Cloud, Cloud says that he is looking for somebody, and even sold his soul to Hades to find that person. He mentions "his light" a few times during the game, which many believe to be a reference to Aerith. There is a warm scene of Aerith meeting with Cloud that shows during the credits.

    Aerith's Description: She lost her home to the Heartless at a very young age. Beneath her gentle disposition lies a strong will and a firm sense of duty. Many are naturally drawn to her. Aerith works with Leon and Yuffie to learn more about the Heartless and the "key".

    Kingdom Hearts II
    Aerith is one of the only people who knows the truth: Traverse TOwn and its inhabitants are part of Sora's memory. She appears alongside her friends from Final Fantasy VII, Cloud, Tifa, and Yuffie. She heals Yuffie, and encourages Cloud to do what he must - she is sure that destiny will lead him back to her. In the end, she is looking up towards the sky.

    Aerith's Description: A young woman who fought the Heartless. Her calm demeanor hides an unbreakable will. Aerith also has a mysterious sense of truth, and is aware that Traverse Town and it's inhabitants are a figment of Sora's memory.

    Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories

    After meeting Sora, Aerith feels like she "knows" Sora, even though she doesn't remember him. After talking with him, she realizes that she is merely a figment of Sora's memory. She, along with the powerful sorceress Malificent, is the only to realize this.

    Parasite Eve II
    In Parasize Eve II, you have to find the "Cloud" anti-virus to decode a password. Guess where you can find Cloud anti-virus? In a magazine called "Aeris"! Thanks to Clorith from the Destiny Fulfilled Forums, we now have a scan of the Parasite Eve 2 guidebook where it mentions Cloud and Aeris... Click here to view!

    While Aerith herself doesn't appear in Erghiez, quite a few of her freinds do (Cloud, Zack, Vincent, Yuffie, and Tifa). What's notable is during the quest mode, you can find an item called Great Gospel. (Submitted by Alan Bates)

    Final Fantasy IX
    Many people have noticed a flowergirl and a soldier together in Final Fantasy IX who resemble Cloud and Aerith. The Soldier, who goes by the name Pluto Knight 7, says something about feeling lucky at meeting a beautiful flower girl in a destroyed city. The Flower Girl says, "He's cute, but he isn't exactly Mr. Personality". This couple in FF9 has reminded a lot of people of Cloud and Aerith. (Submitted by Alan Bates)

    Itadaki Street Special
    Aerith, as well as Cloud and Tifa, make their appearance in this whimsical collection of mini-games. I don't think there is actually any important story elements associated with the characters, but we'll see.

    FF7 Compilation

    Final Fantasy VII:Advent Children
    Advent Children is a huge addition to the Final Fantasy VII world! It can be said that Aerith plays the role of a guardian spirit. She speaks with Cloud throughout the film, and although she never returns to join the fight, Cloud meets with her in dream-like sequences, where she offers kind words, and guidance for Cloud. In the end, she returns to the Planet, along with Zack.

    Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis
    A 16-year-old Aerith makes her debut on this game. She is being pursued for her knowledge about the Promised Land... a land that promises supreme happiness and unlimited energy. She is desired by both ShinRa and AvALANCHE, both of whom wish to exploit her knowledge.

    Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
    This game is about Zack, and his adventures as a First Class SOLDIER. After falling through the roof of a Sector 7 Slum Church, Zack meets Aerith Gainsborough, who develops a cutesy relationship with him. Aerith, the last surviving Cetra, is pursued by the ShinRa science department, and is watched by the Turks. Zack's relationship to Aerith is important to him, which he mentions in a letter to his parents. He helps her sell flowers to make money. Zack and Aerith made a promise before his final mission. As a sign of this promise, he gives her a pink hair ribbon.

    Music Related to Aerith...

    First of all, the Theme of Aerith, used during the death scene, is a beautiful and sad song, with sweeping emotion. Flowers Blooming in the Church is a more lighthearted, casual variation of this melody, and can be heard while you're in her church and home. It has been said that Judgement Day, which plays as you descend into the Northern Crater, is reminiscent of Aerith's Theme.

    There are many versions of Aerith's Theme, including ones played by the Orchestra (available on the Final Fantasy VII: Reunion soundtrack), and a version done on piano (Final Fantasy VII Piano Collection).

    The Maiden Who Travels The Planet

    The Maiden Who Travels The Planet - This is a story included in the official FF7:Ultimania guide. It depicts Aerith as she exists in the lifestream... and in the lifestream, she meets up with some familiar people. Because this was published in the official guide, this story can probably be considered official, too. What does this imply? That Aerith's spirit is still alive in the planet, after she died. Follow the link above to read this story!!