Hikari is an adorable shrine to Cloud and Aeris. Not only are her layouts wonderful, but it has content that can occupy you for hours. One of my faves. ^_^

Destiny Fulfilled
Destiny Fulfilled has got to be the most well-researched Cloud and Aeris site on the internet, filled with very thorough essays that examine FF7's Love Triangle.

Cloud x Aerith Forums
A wonderful place to meet and hang out with fans of the CloudxAeris pairing! Lots of interesting discussion, and lots of fun. If there is something new about Aeris on the internet, this forum will be the first to post it.

Shrine to Cloud & Aerith
This shrine to Cloud and Aeris is so cute, as well as easy to read (something my horrible eyes appreciate). The Cloud/Aeris Memorial video they made is also wonderful.

This is a website supporting Cloud and Tifa's relationship. The site has a lot to read and has a WONDERFUL image gallery with some beautiful pictures of Cloud and Tifa. ^^

The Fair Ophelia
This is a really cool CloudxAeris site with an awesome setup. Theres essays, a great media section, and lots of related links.

Other Aerith Websites

My Light

Flower Girl in the Slums

A Passing Dream


Aerith Forever

Aerith Gainsborough on Wikipedia

Aerith Gainsborough on Encyclopedia Gamia

Aerith Gainsborough on Final Fantasy Wikia

NEW!!! Aerith Cosplay Group on Flickr

NEW!!! Aerisclub on Deviantart


Aeris, Tifa, & Cloud

Livejournal Communities

Aeris Church

FF7 Community

Cloud x Aeris Community

Zack x Aeris Community

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